Car Sharing

    • Capilano University is proud to work with Evo. 

      What is Evo?

      • Evo is a car sharing service
      • Evo cars are available on Capilano University campus and you can check the availability of cars by checking or using the Evo app.
      • Cars can be booked 30 minutes in advance, or you can walk up to an Evo car and start your trip. (Evo cars may be parked in Evo designated stalls in Capilano University Lots #1, #3, #4)
      • You can start your car trip by using the Evo App or by tapping your Evo card on the windshield reader.  You pay for what you use: you are charged per minute, per hour or per day rate.

      How it works on Campus:

      • Sign up on the Evo website 
      • Find a car, unlock, inspect and take the car to your next destination
      • Evo cars can also be parked in the designated Evo parking stalls on campus. 

      Parking Evo cars on campus:

      • To end your trip, you must park in an approved parking stall.  Only parking in these approved parking stalls are included in your Evo fees. 
      • On campus, there are four designated Evo parking stalls in parking Lot 1. If the four designated Evo parking stalls in Lot 1 are full, you can park in Lot #3 or Lot #4 – though NOT in any of the employee reserved or carpool designated areas.
      • If you choose to park in Lot 1, but outside the designated approved Evo stalls, then you will must pay the Campus daily rate.  Note: if you do not pay for parking “and” park outside of the specifically designated Evo parking areas, this will result in the issuance of a parking violation notice and fine which will be charged to your Evo account.