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    Off-Campus Access

    • Help for Off-Campus Access to Online Resources

      General information about online access 

      • Access to most online resources is restricted to Capilano University students and faculty. This includes Discovery (full access), databases, eBooks and most journals. 
      • You must have a CapU network account.
      • Once you click on an online resource, you will be prompted to enter your CapU network credentials:
        username: firstnamelastname, same as the beginning of your CapU email address
        password: set by you at first CapU log-in
        Forgot your password?

      The page should look like this, with the CapU logo in the banner:

      ez proxy log-in

      • If you are asked for a log-in and password and don't see the CapU logo, then there is something wrong and you should consult Troubleshooting below.
      • If you continue to get a log in screen from another company, contact us.


      If you have tried everything suggested below and you still cannot connect, call us at 604-984-4944 during the Library's open hours.

       1.   All browsers must have cookies enabled.   Usually this is the default setting but this might have been changed in your browser. Check your browser's "help" to find out how to enable cookies.

       2.   Nonstandard Internet Service Provider (i.e. not Telus or Shaw).  Services sometimes have unique settings that interfere with proxy logins. Contact your Internet Service Provider and tell them that you are having problems with proxy access to another site. This might be caused by their default proxy settings, firewall or other local settings.

       3.   Pop-up Blocker.  If you are using a pop-up blocker, make sure that it is set up to accept the Library's URL.