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    Study Areas & Bookable Rooms

    • Study Areas

      View study areas on the Library maps page. We have three noise "zones" in the Library:

      • Silent Zone - all carrels on the 2nd floor and the Janet MacDonald Room (LB109 on the main floor). No talking is allowed.
      • Quiet Zone - Apsen Room (LB112 behind the front counter), LB128 Computer Lab, Reserves area. Low talking is permitted.
      • Collaboration Zone - main area of Library ground floor, bookable collaboration rooms, the library classroom (LB119; when not in use for workshops). Working with a group is encouraged, but be aware of your volume level.

      Library Policies

      Make sure you're aware of Library policies concerning filming, food and drink, and noise in the Library. Be courteous! Even in spaces designed for group study, maintain awareness of your noise levels and allow others to work unimpeded around you.

      Computer Workstations

      There are 60 workstations in the library for research, writing, and other uses. See the map above for specific areas and numbers. Visit the Computer Workstations page for more information. From every workstation, you can:

      • find library resources
      • log on to Moodle and your CapU student account
      • use MS office, including Word, Excel and Powerpoint
      • surf the web and access webmail
      • print on the Papercut system
      • print a pdf
      • watch a DVD or listen to a CD
      • Bookable Study Rooms

      Book a Collaboration Room
      The Library has 8 bookable rooms for your group project or viewing session. All rooms have large-screen monitors. Bookings can be made through the online room bookings system. For assistance please visit the front counter or call (604) 984-4944. All rooms have large-screen TVs with plug-ins for your laptop.

      Room capacities:

      • LB111 - 6 students
      • LB117 - 8 students
      • LB118 - 12+ students
      • LB204 - 4 students
      • LB205 - 4 students
      • LB206 - 6 students
      • LB212 - 8 students

      To use the large-screen monitors in the study rooms, bring your own laptop and plug it in to view presentations, work on group projects, or view a video together.

      Room Booking Policies

      • Student bookings only
      • Bookings are available up to 14 days in advance.
      • Rooms cannot be booked for single-student use - group occupancy only.
      • Max. booking time per student: 2 hours.
      • Rooms are considered free 15 minutes after the beginning of the booked period if no group member has arrived to claim the room.

      Be courteous when booking study rooms - don't monopolize the room and cancel if you no longer need your booking.

      Escape the noise

      The 2nd floor of the Library (except Bookable Study Rooms - see above) and the Janet MacDonald Room are designated for silent study. Carrells are provided for individual work. Please take all conversations out of this area, including cell phones and discussion with other students.

      Work Together

      The rotunda area of the Library's main floor features flexible work spaces with a combination of movable tables and chairs, quieter study nooks between the stacks, and a laptop table with electrical outlets galore. Configure the work space you need for individual or group study.

      Settle in to a comfy chair

      The Library features many areas of comfortable seating, including the corridors along each of the windowed walls, behind the IT Services area, and in the peaceful leafy setting of the Janet MacDonald Room (LB109). Settle in and maximize your productivity or just enjoy a good read.

      Have you tried...?

      Tucked away down the hallway to the left of the Library Service Desk, the Library classroom (LB119) is a designated study space for groups when not in use for Library Research classes and Student Success workshops. Featuring a whiteboard and a projector (see the Library Services counter to borrow equipment for it), this space can accommodate larger numbers and a bit more noise. All Library policies still apply. Please return the room to its original configuration when you're done.