2015 Recipients

      • Moffitt_thumbLiz Moffitt

        Liz Moffitt is internationally renowned for the depth of her kindness, intuition, wisdom, clear thinking, communication and generosity in the professional community of Music Therapy, Gestalt Therapy and Guided Imagery and Music.

        Soon after training as a mature student in Music Therapy at Capilano, Liz joined the faculty of the Music Therapy program at Capilano College in 1979. She immediately became an active member of the Canadian Association for Music Therapy (CAMT) Board. She also served on the Educational Committee, helping establish the early standards and competencies for Canadian Music Therapy training programs. Her vision, passion and commitment was also instrumental in the transformation of the Music Therapy Diploma program into the Bachelor of Music Therapy, Capilano’s first Bachelor’s degree through BC Open University, in 1990.

        She was an outstanding teacher, demonstrating excellence in the classroom, both in her role as program coordinator and in her involvement with the Capilano community. Liz was also active in the life of the college and, later, the university. She participated on many committees and was a vocal advocate for Music Therapy at the Dean’s Advisory Committee level. At the heart of her participation at Capilano was her keen desire for students to succeed.

        At the local level, Liz’s vision and commitment was instrumental in establishing the first Guided Imagery and Music training in Canada. In 1989, she brought the method to Vancouver, subsequently becoming the first Canadian Primary Trainer. Liz was instrumental in the creation of the Guided Imagery and Music Post-Baccalaureate Certificate program at Capilano University. Unfortunately, the program was discontinued in 2013.

        Liz has maintained an active private practice that combines Music Therapy, Gestalt and Guided Imagery and Music, as well as being part of the faculty of the Gestalt Institute in Vancouver.

        Liz contributed chapters to several books as well as articles about her work for peer-reviewed journals. She has been interviewed for radio and television, as well as for films on Music Therapy. Liz is known globally for her nurturing and inspiring experiential workshops at conferences, through the depth of her Guided Imagery and Music trainings given across Canada, and for her depth of passion for the field of Music Therapy. She retired from Capilano University in 2009 and continues to provide consultation for the Music Therapy program.