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      • In addition to its drop-in faculty consultations, the Writing Centre has an online faculty consultation service.

        You can submit a short excerpt from any writing assignment for feedback from Writing Centre faculty. The excerpt cannot exceed 250 words. The submission must be accompanied by specific questions.

        Please also provide us with a brief description of the assignment and the name of the course: e.g. research paper for Sociology 100 or book review for English 218. 

        Sample Questions

        ▪ Is my thesis clearly stated?

        ▪ Is my introduction engaging?

        ▪ Does this sentence make sense? (flag specific sentence)

        ▪ Is my paragraph on topic? Is it coherent?

        ▪ How are my transitions between sentences? paragraphs?

        ▪ These sentences sound awkward, but I'm not sure why?

        ▪ Have I cited this website/article/book/etc. correctly?

        What Kind of Feedback can I Expect?

        Online faculty consultations – like one-to-one consultations in the Writing Centre – are designed to help you find ways to improve your writing on your own. We aim to provide you with the skills to revise and edit your own work. The instructor will respond to the specific questions you provide and s/he will offer specific commentary on what works well in the passage and on what you might consider revising.

        Submission Form

        Using the submission form is easy. In the text box, type or cut and paste the block of text (250 words max) on which you want feedback. Remember to include at least one specific question that you'd like the Writing Centre instructor to address. After you submit the form, it will take approximately two working days to receive a response from the Writing Centre.

        For immediate assistance, come directly to the Writing Centre (Fir 402) during business hours.  If you encounter difficulties completing the submission form, please email