About Us

      • The Writing Centre has been a Capilano fixture for over 30 years. In those years our faculty have served many thousands of students from all areas of the university. The Writing Centre started small in 1985 in the hallways of the Humanities Division and since then, propelled by students’ desire to improve their writing, it has grown to the point where it now occupies an inviting space on the 4th floor of the Fir Building (FR 402) and where instructors help hundreds of students every week. Students come to the Writing Centre from all over campus – from Arts & Sciences, Business, Tourism, Communications, Early Childhood Education, Music History, Idea, Film, etc. – for drop-in help with all types of writing and reading assignments. 

        Based on student demand and need, we have developed a large bank of handouts on writing-topics and offer these free to all students. We also have a sizeable library of writing-related reference books. And in response to requests from other faculty, we offer focused writing workshops and cohort orientations for students in the Centre for International Experience, Music, IDEA, Arts & Entertainment Management, North American Business Management, and elsewhere. Our online Ask an Instructor service is steadily busy and packed with gratitude from satisfied students. The same goes for our in-person drop-in service: 

        “An incredible resource and gem on campus. Wish I had come by sooner!” 

        “Writing Center is excellent!!!!!!"

        “All the professors in the Writing Center are amazing!”

        The Writing Centre works with students at all levels of ability. We’re happy to engage with advanced writers and to challenge them to achieve even better results. Likewise, we enjoy the experience of working with writers who are in the process of developing their English skills.  

        Students come to us when they haven’t begun an assignment and don’t know how to begin. Writing Centre instructors help these students generate ideas and find a direction that they can confidently pursue. Other students bring a draft that they’re full of doubts about. We help them organize their sentences and paragraphs, suggest things to delete and others to expand. Each assignment that comes to us represents its own challenge – we take pride in the relief and gratitude that students experience during a session in the Writing Centre.  

        “Thank you for all your support. I have learned a lot in the time I attend here. I appreciate all the help and resources that I receive.”

        “It is very helpful to student whom English is not their first language.” 

        “They gave me amazing feedback and tips to work on my research essay.”

        “More hours and more instructors.  More of a good thing.  You guys rock.”

        Aside from offering help with written class assignments, we take special care with students who come to us for help passing the EDT  and other language exams. We enjoy the opportunity to coach these students and encourage them to reach their goals. Cap students love the Writing Centre, recently voting us one of the top 3 services on campus. Each term we receive emails and cards from students thanking us for the help they’ve received and for the transforming effect it has had on their grades.  

        "My experience at the writing center has been great. I find it very helpful to have this quiet space with one-on-one help from instructors.” 

        “The writing center helps me to succeed in my school work and make improvements to my writing. I want to solidly grasp English techniques because I think it makes you more competent in the work field.”

        We’re happy that after more than 30 years the Writing Centre remains a place students gravitate towards. Just ask and we’ll help!

                                                                      Student comments are drawn from surveys in 2015 and 2016.