University One for Aboriginal Learners

    • Engage. Thrive. Succeed.

      Length of Program: 8 months, September to April

      Are you thinking of going to university? Do you want an academic boost in a learning environment that will set you up for academic success?

      The University One for Aboriginal Learners program equips you with the critical reading, thinking, writing, quantitative and problem-solving skills necessary for post-secondary success.

      In just eight months, you’ll gain the skills, courses and confidence you need to move into Business, Liberal Studies, Film, Social Sciences, Tourism and many other program areas at Capilano University.

      What makes University One for Aboriginal Learners unique?

      Designed for students of Aboriginal, Métis and Inuit ancestry who want to pursue post-secondary education, this eight-month program will prepare you to excel in your studies, strengthen your community, and pursue a rewarding career path.

      You’ll benefit from the shared experience and support of your classmates as you move through the program together in a small, engaging cohort environment.

      Aboriginal Elders will provide encouragement, and tutors will provide subject-specific guidance. The collaborative nature of this learning model will support your learning and build your academic capacity.

      Why take the program?

      The University One for Aboriginal Learners program will prime you for long-term academic success in your chosen area of study. After completing the program, twelve 100-level credits may be used towards degree, diploma and certificate programs at Capilano University.

      The program includes:

      • Four university-level credit courses focusing on writing, critical reading and math skills.
      • Two support courses in critical reflection and quantitative reasoning that build confidence and enable your success.
      • Small classes with individualized support from instructors and tutors.
      • Courses with Indigenous content.
      • Indigenous storytellers, guest speakers, field trips and support from Elders.

      Kéxwusm-áyakn (First Nations) Student Centre

      The Kéxwusm-áyakn (First Nations) Student Centre provides support for First Nations students at Capilano University while helping First Nations culture to flourish in the University community. The Centre offers a safe and welcoming place for students of Aboriginal ancestry (First Nations, Inuit, Métis) to relax and meet new people, study, hare and socialize.

      Find Out More

      First Nation students who want to pursue post-secondary studies and access available funding programs need to contact their local band office.