Sustainability and the Environment Pathway

  • The Bachelor of Arts in Liberal Studies requires students to complete 120 credits. The Program Requirements are set out in the University Calendar and on the program website.

    What follows is a list of Capilano University courses, arranged by program requirements,  which may be of particular interest to Liberal Studies students who would like to learn more about the environmental sciences, environmental stewardship, and sustainability.

    Please refer to Course Schedule & Fee Search to determine whether the courses listed below are on offer in a specific term.

  • English Requirement (6 required credits)

    ENGL 100 Academic Writing Strategies

    Before selecting a section, review the course descriptions for the various sections of English 100 on offer in a given term. Instructors often organize their English 100 courses around the investigation of a specific topic or theme – e.g. environmental issues, food, and so forth. Check the English courses webpage to see whether there is a section particularly well suited to your areas of interest. 


    Any 100-level ENGL Literature course. Please note that the focus of individual English courses changes from term to term. Students interested in topics relating to the environment might find that some offerings of ENGL 107 and 109 explore particularly relevant themes and texts. Check the English courses webpage to see whether there is a section exploring materials relevant to your areas of interest.

    Lower Level Course Requirements (36 required credits)

    Humanities 100 Level (6 required credits)
         Note: May not include English.

         PHIL 120 Scientific Reasoning

    Social Sciences 100 Level (6 required credits)
         GEOG 101 Environmental Geography: Perception and Change
         GEOG 102 Environmental Geography: Global Concerns

    Arts 200 Level (18 required credits)
         ANTH 202 Anthropology and the Environment
         PHIL 208 Environmental Ethics

    Science, Quantitative, Analytical Requirements

    Laboratory Science (3 required credits)

    Note: Any course in the Science list worth 3.00 credits or more with a lab of at least 2 hours, but excluding any course in Applied Science or computing. 

         BIOL 105 Environmental Biology
         BIOL 208 Ecology
         GEOG 112 Introduction to Earth Environments
         GEOG 114 Weather and Climate

    Science (3 required credits)
         CHEM 130 Chemistry in Our World

    Upper Level Breadth Requirements (18 required credits)

    Humanities Upper Level in at least 2 disciplines (9 credits required)
         ENGL 344 Literature and the Environment
         PHIL 320 Philosophy of Science
         PHIL 401 Morality and Global Justice

    Social Sciences Upper Level in at least 2 disciplines (9 credits required)
         ANTH 340 Stuff: The Anthropology of Material Culture
         GEOG 360 Geography of Hope
         POL 320 Global Ecopolitics
         POL 330 The Political Economy of Globalization
         PSYC 340 Conservation Psychology
         SOC 300 The Sociology of Consumer Culture

    Upper Level Electives (24 required credits)

    Note: 6.00 credits of upper level Science courses are recommended.

    BIOL 305 Ecology and Sustainability
    BIOL 350 Natural History of BC
    CHEM 300 Chemistry and Society
    GEOG 316 Climate Change

  • Student Profile

    Arvid Yuen – LSBA 2014