New Zero Waste Stations

        August 27, 2014

         Notice anything new in the hallways at CapU? Those are our new zero waste stations – centralized sorting centres that we’ve rolled out on each floor to help work towards our goal of zero waste on campus!

        We’ve taken recycling and garbage bins from the classrooms, and made consolidated areas instead. The stations include bins for organics, containers (including tin foil and plastics!), beverage containers (refundables), mixed paper and landfill.

        This new system is increasingly important as Metro Vancouver is imposing an organics ban beginning early next year. The new ban includes a fine for violating the new rules, so the new stations will assist us in compliance.

        Not only is the new system better for the environment, but also helps the University save money! Organics are far less expensive to have picked up and taken off campus compared to waste, and once biodegraded, the compost can be reused instead of sitting in a landfill.

        Over the term, we will work towards educating everyone on campus regarding what goes where, and would love your help and feedback as we make this transition.    

        Check out the Frequently Asked Questions for the Zero Waste Stations, our blog post for more information, or email

        Submitted by: Marina Van Driel, Sustainability Assistant