Paper Recycling

    • Mixed Paper collection bins are located throughout the campus for your convenience. In addition to regular white and colored printer/copy paper Capilano University recycles envelopes (including window), file folders, hanging file folders (no need to separate out the attached metal hangers), and even books.

      NOTE: Paper coffee cups must NOT be disposed of in the mixed paper bins.

      In 2011 Capilano University diverted 669.6 cubic yards of mixed paper from the landfill. It helped to save 234,360 litre of water, 569 trees, 137,268 kw of electricity. This does not include the amount of shredded confidential paper that are recycled by our confidential shredding provider.

      Please remember, in the interest of safety, when recycling books and file folders to not overload the bins.

      Remember... as with all recycling programs putting the correct item into the correct bin makes a HUGE difference to the success of the program.  So.... if in doubt... keep it out!

    • Mixed Paper Poster

      Click on the image to open PDF.

      If you want to use this poster in your area use this PDF to order it online from Print Services.