Great Light Switchout

    • Two years after its introduction, the Great Light Switchout is gradually coming to a close. Though LED bulbs will still be available upon request to employees on campus through Facilities, we want to report on our successes, all thanks to employee awareness and engagement!

      Capilano is once again part of BC Hydro’s Workplace Conservation Awareness (WCA) program, which uses the power of employee engagement to reduce energy and to create a permanent culture of conservation within an organization.

      Since 2012, 90 bulbs have been distributed to employees at Capilano University. By switching out old, inefficient, incandescent bulbs for new 10W LED bulbs, we have once again confirmed CapU's environmental responsibility and active role in energy conservation and sustainable behaviour. We have been able to save the University money as well through a lower electricity bill!

      If you are a staff member on campus and need an efficient bulb for your desk lamp, email Facilities to receive your FREE LED today! Limited quantities available.

      This campaign has been a partnership between BC Hydro and Capilano University.

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    •  LED facts

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