Energy Management

    • As part of our commitment to environmental integrity and sustainability, Capilano University has been managing its energy consumption since 2008. Since then, we have been actively engaged in identifying and implementing energy savings measures that will result in a reduction of our impact on the environment and reduce our carbon footprint.

      We are currently on track to meet our provincially-mandated 33% reduction target by the end of 2015, and are in the planning stages of the next phase of reductions. Our target is A 67% reduction by 2020 compared to our 2007 baseline, and 100% by 2050. To get there, we will have to rethink the way we think about energy.

      At this time, we are leading conservation initiatives, analyzing opportunities, and monitoring and reporting on all Capilano University energy-related activities.  Conservation is a community commitment with many of our students, staff, and faculty enthusiastically engaged.  Their contribution of actions and behaviours support the efforts to reach our energy reduction targets.

      To date, our actions have included workplace conservation awareness programs and engagement events, large-scale implementation of significant energy efficiency projects and retrofits, and adoption of a Sustainability Policy (pdf), and an Energy Policy (pdf).

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