RCBC Annual Environmental Awards

    • Each year the Recycling Council of B.C. (RCBC) recognizes the valuable contribution that individuals and organizations make towards the preservation and protection of British Columbia's environment.

      Capilano University is the recipient of RCBC's 2012 Environmental Award in the Educator's category for its forward-thinking work in sustainability.

      Beginning in the fall of 2011, Capilano University and Encorp Pacific (Canada) partnered to test a pilot project aimed at improving the recycling habits of students. They established that marketing materials need to resonate with students, that information needs to be available through technology in order for students to look for and find answers, and that a reward for good behavior is needed to make recycling fun. Over 150 students take part in a waste audit which led to campus awareness campaigns, multi-disciplinary student projects to encourage recycling, and the replacement of recycling bins around campus with new colour-coded, labeled bins. This partner project consolidated the collection of several waste streams (expected to reduce waste by 10% in one year), created a goal to reduce organic waste by 50% in the next 5 years, strengthened the Capilano Sustainability Network, led to the creation of a new annual EarthWorks Lecture Series, and established a baseline of performance that can be used annually to monitor institutional progress.

      The winners in other categories are:

      • Private Sector Achievement Award: Brewers Distributor Ltd. & Columbia Brewery
      • Public Sector Achievement Award: City of Vancouver 
      • Youth Achievement Award: Tesicca Truong 
      • Personal Achievement Award: Emmie Leung 

      Congratulations to all winners! 










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