I want to post an unpaid internship. Which form should I use?

Paid internships should use the Job Form and unpaid internships should use the volunteer form. Please note that unpaid internships will only be posted for not-for-profit organizations. Please refer to our Employer Guidelines for further information.

What is the difference between a volunteer position and an unpaid internship?

Please see our Employer Guidelines section for the definition of an unpaid internship.

I am a recruiter from a third party agency. Can I post on your website?

Recruiters may post on a conditional basis. TheCareer Development Centre will post ads from recruiters at our discretion. In the event we post an ad from a third party agency, the following must be adhered to:

Third Party Recruiters, as defined by CACEE, are considered to be agencies, organizations or individuals recruiting students for employment opportunities with other organizations.

Third Party Recruiters are required to reveal the name of the employers they represent to the Career Development Centre staff when requested.

In cases where a duplicate position is posted by an employer and a third party recruiter, the posting of the employer will be posted.

Can I send you additional marketing materials?

If it is in pdf format, we can add it to your online submission via email.  Otherwise, we do not have a physical job board in our centre.

Is there a charge to post?

All postings are free of charge to employers and non-profit organizations.

How long will the post be on the site?

For one month, unless another date is provided under the "Application Deadline" section on the submission form.

I realized I made an error after I submitted the posting. How can I change it?

If it is drastically different, please submit another posting and forward an email to cdc@capilanou.ca to advise which version to use. For minor corrections, please send an email with the revisions.

When can I expect my ad to posted?

Advertisements are typically posted within 72 business hours.

If you do not receive a confirmation email within this time frame or if you have any questions, please email cdc@capilanou.ca.

Am I required to post my organization's name?

Yes. Students would like to know who they are applying to. For individuals or families hiring for personal or one-on-one care, you do not need an organization name.

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