VISION: Cognitive Abilities Development

    • Seeing Your Way to Success

      Have you ever thought or said:

      • "School is scary and frustrating."
      • "I can never remember anyone's name."
      • "I remember phone numbers that I have only dialled once."
      • "I get directions confused all the time."
      • "When I get a lot of instructions from my boss, I get it all mixed up."
      • "I can read really well, but I don't remember or understand what I've read."

      If so, the VISION program can help you. This unique program is an effective stepping-stone to success in school, training or in the advancement of your career.

      To succeed and grow in life, you need to continually learn new things. With VISION, you will see why some things are easy for you to learn and others are not. You will also develop your abilities so you will be able to learn more effectively. This will help you reach your goals, whether they are educational, career or personal.

      The VISION program includes:

      • Assessments
        • Discover your learning strengths and weaknesses or causes of learning blocks.
      • Remediation
        • Correct and strengthen your abilities by working through a personalized program based on your assessments and personal needs.
      • Comments from Past Students
        • "I can concentrate much better since taking the VISION program." 
        • "I'm much more patient both at school and at home." 
        • "I remember my times tables now." 
        • "I used to get so frustrated trying to read instruction manuals. Now I know why, and I'm getting better at it."
      • Program Schedule
        • Four hours a week
        • September to December

      For More Information

      Contact the Squamish campus at 604.892.5322.