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    Capilano University in Squamish

    • Squamish Learning Centre

      Capilano University is committed to providing opportunities for students to become engaged, informed and committed citizens- people who are well prepared for success through career- related and professional degree pathways.  Beginning at the Squamish Learning Centre enables you to learn in a small, interactive environment.  Instructors are excellent at what they do and each course provides the chance for students to apply new skills and knowledge through local projects and personal endeavours.  

      Business Administration Certificate

      Six courses designed to have immediate effect on you and your workplace. You'll be a better manager, understand your organization and it's quirks, develop ways to get your message out and how to work within the legal aspects of the business world.  The certificate ladders into the Business Administration diploma which means the journey only starts here.

      Advanced Wilderness Leadership program

      Advanced Wilderness Leadership program is a10-month, full-time outdoor program that focuses on providing students with the technical, leadership, and interpretation skills necessary to work in the outdoors. For more information, e-mail the Advanced Wilderness Leadership program.

      Other Credit Programs and Courses

      E-mail: Squamish@capilanou.ca
      Tel: 604.892.5322 

    • Squamish Learning Centre
      PO Box 1538
      1343 Winnipeg Street
      Squamish, BC V8B 0B1


      Squamish is #Hardwiredforadventure and is the ideal setting to study Wilderness Leadership and Business Administration.