Steps to Holding an Event on Campus

      • **Events held in the Capilano Students' Union Lounge are outside the purview of the University and therefore the steps below do not apply. Please go to this page If Event is in the CSU

        1. Get an employee sponsor. Your sponsor must be a faculty or staff member.

        2. Have an employee or faculty member book your event spaces.

        3. Create your Event Plan.
          • Program
          • Floorplan
          • Risk Assessment and Alcohol. See forms.
          • Volunteers – How many?
          • Have your employee sponsor submit a Room Setup Request with Facilities. 
        4. Fill out Event Approval Form at least a month prior to your event. This is a required step. The University must approve all events being held on campus.


        Julie Vanderyagt
        Manager, Special Events and Ceremonies
        604.986.1911 x7217
        Email us

        NOTE:  If you are a graduating student inquiring about your eligibility for graduation, please contact the Registrar's office at 604.986.1911 x4900 or via email.