Social Justice Pathway

  • How does climate change relate to global justice? How has the public perception of refugees in Canada changed in relation to recent policy changes at the federal level? How can creative practices help build new relationships after peoples and communities have experienced collective trauma? What role has documentary filmmaking played in drawing global attention to social justice issues in Asia?

    The term “social justice” implies a commitment to fairness and mutual obligation to provide opportunities for people to flourish and succeed. This pathway will be of interest in students exploring the structural and cultural systems informing the distribution of wealth, privilege and opportunity within a society.

    In addition to student profiles, the resources below provide information on current Capilano courses that may be of particular interest to Liberal Studies students interested in careers and/or graduate work in fields such as international and community development (NGOs and IGOs), teaching, politics, social work, business, law, and policy development.

  • English Requirement (6 required credits)

    ENGL 100 Academic Writing Strategies

    Before selecting a section, review the course descriptions for the various sections of English 100 on offer in a given term. Instructors often organize their English 100 courses around the investigation of a specific topic or theme. Check the English courses webpage to see whether there is a section particularly well suited to your areas of interest.


    Any 100-level ENGL Literature course. Please note that the focus of individual English courses changes from term to term. Students interested in topics relating to social justice might find that some offerings of ENGL 107 or 109 explore relevant themes and texts.  Check the English courses webpage to see whether there is a section exploring materials relevant to your areas of interest.

    Lower Level Course Requirements (36 required credits)

    Humanities 100 Level (6 required credits)
         Note: May not include English.

         AHIS 103 First Nations Art of the Northwest Coast 
         AHIS 109 Women and Art History
         HIST 109  Issues and Themes in U.S. History: 1865 to Present
         HIST 111  Canada since Confederation
         PHIL 101 Introductory Philosophy: Ethics
         PHIL 110 Critical Thinking


    Social Sciences 100 Level (6 required credits)
         ANTH 121 Introduction to Social Anthropology
         ECON 100 Introduction to Economics
         GEOG 100 Human Geography: People, Places and Cultures
         POL 100 Introduction to Politics and Government
         POL 104 Canadian Government
         SOC 100 Social Structures 
         SOC 101 Concepts and Theories of Society
         WGST 100 Introduction to Women’s Studies
         WGST 101  Introduction to Gender Studies                          

    Arts 200 Level (18 required credits)
         ANTH 202 Anthropology and the Environment
         ANTH 204  Ethnic Relations
         ECON 255 Understanding Globalization
         ENGL 217 Literature on the Edge
         GEOG 200 Geographical Approaches to the Global Economy
         GEOG 201 Urban Studies
         HIST 209 History of the First Nations of Canada
         HIST 230 World History since 1500
         HIST 235 World Civilizations from 1945 to Present
         HIST 249 Twentieth Century Europe
         PHIL 200 Political Philosophy: Classic Theories
         PHIL 201 Political Philosophy: Problems and Issues
         PHIL 208 Environmental Ethics
         PHIL 240 Philosophy and Gender Relations
         POL 204 Canadian Public Policy
         POL 205 Public International Law
         POL 207 Selected Issues in Contemporary Social and Political Theory,
         POL 208 Aboriginal Politics in Canada
         POL 222 Regional Comparative Politics
         PSYC 200 Social Psychology
         SOC 201 Paradox of Plenty: Social Inequality in BC 
         SOC 211 Sociology of the Global South 
         WGST 208  Women and the Law
         WGST 213 Gender, Politics and Policy

    Lower or Upper Level Electives (12 required credits)

    Note 1: Courses listed above in Lower Level Course Requirements can also be used here.
    Note 2: No more than 9.00 credits outside of the Faculty of Arts and Sciences

    Suggested courses outside of the Faculty of Arts and Sciences:

    GLBS 101: Global Stewardship Seminar II: Volunteering for a Not-For-Profit Organization 
    GLBS 110: An Introduction to Global Studies
    GLBS 201: Global Stewardship Seminar II: Volunteering in a Group for Not-For-Profits 

    Upper Level Breadth Requirements (18 required credits)

    Humanities Upper Level    (9 credits required)
         Note: At least 2 disciplines within the Humanities 

         AHIS 320 Art, Activism and Citizenship 
         AHIS 330  Art and Trauma
         AHIS 335  Canadian Content: Art, Land and National Identity
         ENGL 320 World Literature in Translation
         ENGL 335 Literature and Society
         HIST 390 Murder and Mayhem: Selected Topics
         PHIL 401 Morality and Global Justice

    Social Sciences Upper Level    (9 credits required)
         Note: At least 2 disciplines within the Social Sciences 

         ECON 342 Economic Growth
         ECON 350 Revolutions: Economics and the Economy
         ECON 378 Economies of the World
         ECON 390 Effects of Public Policy on Business and the Economy
         GEOG 350 Cities in the Global South
         POL 305 Advanced Public International Law
         POL 320  Global Ecopolitics 
         POL 330 The Political Economy of Globalization
         POL 340 Citizenship and Belonging: From Local to Global Perspectives
         SOC 352 Marxism and Social Theory
         WGST 302 Jobs and Gender in a Globalized Economy

    Upper Level Electives (24 required credits)

    Note 1: Courses listed above in Upper Level Breadth Requirements can also be used here.
    Note 2: No more than 12.00 credits outside of the Faculty of Arts and Sciences.

    Suggested courses outside of the Faculty of Arts and Sciences:

    BADM 332 Managing Not-for-Profit Organizations & Social Enterprises
    BADM 460 Business and Society
    CMNS 330 Communication Ethics
    CMNS 331 Communication Policy and Law
    CMNS 355 Intercultural Communication
    CMNS 495 Project Group in Media Campaigns
    EDUC 375 Early Childhood: Children, Culture and Globalization
    EDUC 474 Social Justice and Ethics in ECCE
    LAW 370 Modern Themes in Canadian Law
    LAW 430 Aboriginal Law
    LAW 460 International Law
    LAW 462 International Human Rights Law
    LAW 464 International Women’s Rights Law
    LAW 470 Philosophy of Law 

  • Student Profile

    Tava Whitworth