Ty Haller

Instructor - School of Motion Picture Arts

Ty began professional film work as an MGM contract actor in 1967 and spent the next 21 years working as an actor/screenwrite /assistant director - in Canada, the U.S. and England. He began teaching in 1988 as screenwriting instructor in the part time program at the Vancouver Film School, then created and taught a course for Assistant Directors. He became VFS Program Director in 1989 and created the 32 week Foundation Film Program which was the school's core program until 1996. While there, he mentored over three hundred short student films.

Ty resigned as Program Director in 1995 to pursue personal film projects, the first of which - A Justice of Eagles - was bought by the Discovery Channel. He currently teaches the British Columbia Institute of Film Professionals' Film Industry Orientation Course at The University of British Columbia, B.C.I.T., John Casablancas and The Blanche MacDonald Centre – and since 2006 has been an instructor and set supervisor in the Capilano University film program.

He's a member of the Writers Guild of Canada, The Writers Guild of America West, the Directors Guild of Canada, and a slew of film and stage performer unions.






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