Self Promotion

    • What is Self-Promotion?

      Self Promotion is a collection of behaviours and activities that ensure people are aware of whom you are, your talents, and your professional plans.  Some employers hire recruiters to find potential employees, but in this competitive world, you shouldn't always rely on a recruiter finding you.  This is especially the case, if you know what job you want.  If you know what you want, you must become proactive to achieve your goals.  One of the best ways to promote yourself, your talents and your professional plans is to network.  Consider joining your industry's professional association to attend meetings and workshops being offered.  Or, if your workplace offers social committees, think about getting involved.

      If the words, "networking" or "socializing" intimidate you, it is important that you overcome these barriers and limitations.  If you are shy or introverted, and the thought of networking or socializing is really uncomfortable, then visit Student Employment Services for assistance in supporting you to feel more confident in these situations.


      What is Self-Advocacy?

      You might be asking yourself, "What's the difference between self-advocacy and self-promotion, aren't they the same thing?"  They are similar, but not the same.  Self-promotion is about endorsing yourself to others, so you will be considered when opportunities arise.  Self-advocacy is about believing in yourself, and standing up for yourself in critical situations.  Many people feel threatened in confrontational situations and feel unable to defend themselves.  Learning effective self-advocacy is essential in career management, because confrontations in the workplace are unavoidable.