Lifelong Management

    • As defined earlier, career management describes individuals as having to be more proactive in managing their careers in the future, because no one else will do it for them, "As employers take less responsibility, employees need to take control of their own development in order to maintain and enhance their employability." Managing your career is more than just ensuring that you have the skills and competencies to perform your current job and future aspirations, it also includes overseeing your own well-being too.

      Here are some tips to continuously manage your career:

      • Join a professional association to stay on top of trends and changes in your industry
      • Commit to lifelong learning, even if does not directly relate to your career.  Take courses or workshops to improve or maintain your communication skills, conflict resolution skills or enhance your presentation skills for example
      • Always update your resume when you acquire new skills or take a new course, even if you are not looking for a job
      • Organize your contacts and stay in touch with them regularly.  Social networking sites, such as facebook, twitter and LinkedIn are great tools for people who are time-deprived and internet-savvy
      • Work with a Student Employment Advisor 
      • Stay healthy.  Watch your diet and stress levels.  Find ways to manage stress with exercise, sufficient sleep and fun!
      • Read books offering advice and strategies to improve your life.