Write your Resume

    • To get the job, having a strong resume is one of your most important tools, but what does having a "strong" resume really mean?   Can students and graduates with minimal experience still have strong, effective resumes?  Can you change your career path midlife and really compete with your more experienced counterparts? Absolutely!

      A competitive resume will be able to capture the Reader's attention immediately, and maintain their attention throughout.  Preparing a resume can be frustrating and time consuming, but it is worth the extra time to assemble a strong resume, especially during difficult economic times.  Student Employment Services has prepared an easy-to-read, Resume-Handbook (pdf) detailing the requirements that will definitely get you the job! 

      After reviewing the handbook, download our Sample Resume Template (doc) to organize your information.

      The handbooks and templates are provided as resources only.  We recommend booking an appointment with us for further assistance and review