Employability Coaching

    • Strengthen Your Ability to Secure Employment

      The Employability Coaching service offers to students ongoing, individual, motivating sessions that will help increase your self-confidence,target employment direction, bridge your past to your future, and define your contribution to a potential employer. During these beneficial sessions you will learn new techniques and gain new insights that will support your quest for employment.

      Three sessions are required (50 minute sessions) for you to achieve measurable outcomes and gain a clear understanding of what your actual contribution will be to a potential employer.

      Personal Employability Coaching offers a Step-by-Step Approach

      Resume Building

      • learn to self-assess your employability values
      • ensure that your document is accurate, measurable, and 100 % defendable
      • eliminate any unanswered questions from the reader’s perspective


      • have you had too many jobs in too few years?
      • large time gaps in your resume?
      • worried if your background will make sense and show relevance regarding your new employment direction?

      Focused Direction

      • sensible and methodical strategies to focus your employment direction.

      Job Posting Dissection Technique

      • to better understand what the employer is really requesting, and determine if you can realistically compete for the position?

      Developing a Mature Introduction Letter

      • connecting content to the position desired

      Translating Education into the Workplace

      • do you and the potential employer clearly understand how your studies translate to function in the workplace?


      • learning to be comfortable stating your talents on paper and to others (great for shy folks!)

      Interview Tools

      • checklist of what to take to an interview
      • questions to ask that are important to you
      • how to keep an interview on track with a poor interviewer

      To schedule an appointment for employability coaching, please contact:
      Student Employment Services
      Email: ses@capilanou.ca
      Tel: 604.984.4965