•  Maciver, Victoria

      Switzerland is very centrally located making it easy to travel to all over Europe. It is also very similar geography to Canada which made me feel at home immediately.

      Victoria Maciver, BBA student

    University of Applied Sciences Northwestern Switzerland (FHNW)

    • The University of Applied Sciences Northwestern Switzerland (FHNW) is one of the largest UAS’s in Switzerland. This state-accredited university still fulfils tasks in the four areas of undergraduate education, continuing education, consulting and applied research & development but can now offer a greatly enhanced infrastructure, choice of programs and facilities.

      There are currently nine schools: Applied Psychology, Architecture, Civil Engineering and Geomatics, Art & Design, Life Sciences, Music, Teacher Education, Social Work, Engineering and Business each of which operates between 3–12 institutes. Over 8,200 undergraduate and graduate students are currently enrolled.

      The School of Business is now one of the largest departments in the FHNW and operates from three campuses: in Olten (headquarters), Basel and Brugg. The School of Business remains a leading house especially in the area of post-graduate executive education which ensures a dynamic synergy between operative enterprises and organizations and the lecturers and students at the school.

      About Switzerland

      When you think of Switzerland the following key words might crop up: Alps, middle of Europe, watches, chocolate, skiing, cows, Swiss Army knives, neutrality, Red Cross, yodelling. It is a small but extremely diverse country where you will find high-tech precision industrial leaders next to rustic farmers who still churn their own butter in the Alps just like Heidi’s grandfather. It is a landlocked country that wins the Americas Cup in high-seas sailing. It has less than 8 million inhabitants but manages to nurture four official languages, each subdivided into dozens of dialects.

      Switzerland is clean, peaceful, orderly. Trains run on time, schools provide quality education, the natives tend to be reticent but friendly and will generally be very pleased to practise their English. While prospective students might be less immediately interested in the successful enterprises, complex democracy or famous bank system – the spectacular scenery, the culture and variety of outdoor sports will certainly appeal.

      Switzerland enjoys a mostly moderate climate with four distinct seasons. In the winter temperatures are around freezing point during the night and especially in mountainous areas there is a blanket of snow for at least three months. The summers can be relatively hot, with mid-summer temperatures of over 30 degrees centigrade.

      About Olten

      Olten is a town situated in the canton of Solothurn in the Germanspeaking part of Switzerland. As Olten is the rail hub of Switzerland, there are excellent and frequent connections to the cities of Zurich, Bern, Basel, and Lucerne which are all only 30 minutes away by train.

      The city is located in a bend of the river between the Aare and Dünnern rivers. The well maintained medieval town benefits from many pedestrian zones with their attractive arrays of shops, the active music scene and student nightlife with various bars and clubs. Olten has become a popular conference centre and therefore has a good infrastructure.

      Travelling around Olten, visitors will encounter a multitude of interesting fortresses, ruins, castles, churches and chapels. The unspoilt nature of the nearby Jura heights also makes the area an attractive leisure region. Popular ski resorts like Interlaken and Engelberg are less than a 2 hours train ride from Olten.