Keimyung University

    • Keimyung University has become one of the foremost educational powerhouses in Korea by being awarded six national educational reform and development projects such as the Enhancement of University Education Capacity, Leaders in Industry-College Cooperation (LINC), and last year’s Advancement of College Education (ACE). With their unwavering commitment to academic excellence through these and other projects,Keimyung Universityis the place of ‘better teaching and better learning’.

      Making strides to become a world leader in higher education, Keimyung University has expanded its global network and now offers a variety of international programs. With a long history of international exchange and cooperation with institutions around the world, Keimyung University has forged exchange partnerships with 262 universities and organizations in 49 countries.

      About Daegu

      The City of Daegu, located inland, in the southeast of the Korean Peninsula, is the third biggest city in Korea. The city is conveniently located four driving hours by car or two hours away by express train from Seoul, the capital city. It also takes one and a half hours from Busan which is adjacent to the ocean. Daegu is also surrounded by small cities and towns which have numerous historical and cultural sites. People can also reach many beautiful beaches on the East Sea which are only two driving hours away.

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