• Caswell, Cole

      I chose Bordeaux specifically because the climate is better than the other European options. I also wanted to improve my French instead of starting fresh with another language. I didn’t truly know this at the time but the surrounding area is very cool too. There is dune du pilat(biggest dune in Europe), lots of beach and surfing communities, but also the wineries and chateaux around Bordeaux.

      -Cole Caswell, BBA student

    INSEEC Business School

    • INSEEC has been one of the very first business schools to give an international dimension to its program. Already in 1976, all INSEEC students had a study experience in a partner institution in the United States. Today INSEEC is offering its students a multicultural and multilingual education.

      About Bordeaux

      The city long known as La Belle Au Bois Dormant (Sleeping Beauty) is well and truly awake after years of slumber. The turn of the millennium was a major turning point for Bordeaux, when the former mayor, controversial ex-Prime Minister Alain Juppé, roused this graceful city, pedestrianising its boulevards, restoring its neoclassical architecture, and implementing a high-tech public transport system. These days, bolstered by its high-spirited university student population, La Belle Bordeaux never seems to sleep at all.

      -Lonely Planet