•  Nowicki, Paulina

      I loved the new surroundings, different food products, and different methods of doing ordinary things compared to home. Throughout my 5 months I was always discovering new things. Also in terms of Holland, I loved the biking!

      -Paulina Nowicki, BTM student

    •  Nahanee, Charlotte

      I chose studying abroad in Vlissingen because I wanted to get into my Dutch heritage. It felt great to see where my family was from and to live in the Dutch culture.

      -Charlotte Nahanee, BBA student

    HZ University of Applied Sciences

    • HZ is a Dutch university of applied sciences and is located in Vlissingen which is situated in the province of Zeeland in the southwest corner of the Netherlands, on the right bank of the river Schelde. HZ has consistently ranked among the top ten universities of applied sciences within the Netherlands because of its flexibility and personally-tailored programs. HZ values the flexible programs and learning styles that are offered and all courses and study programs are based on practicality and geared towards the current job markets.

      HZ is a relatively small institution with approximately 3500 students which allows for smaller class sizes and a more personal educational experience. There are about 400 international students attending HZ each year, making classes and extracurricular activities very internationally focused. As an international student, you will find yourself surrounded by students from all over the world and its true that living, working, and studying with other international students will give you the best insight into other cultures and give you a better understanding of each countrys position from a global perspective.

      About Vlissingen

      The countryside to the west and north is mostly rural. Zeelands North Sea beaches and numerous lakes make it popular for tourism and an attractive area to live in. To the east is a wide-reaching industrial area with port activities and associated industries. Zeeland Seaport is the third largest in the Netherlands after Rotterdam and Amsterdam. This area, along with the Dutch-speaking part of Belgium and the ports of Antwerp, Ghent, and Zeebrugge forms a geographical unit. It is a major industrial, commercial, and cultural centre within north-western Europe. The town of Vlissingen and neighboring Middelburg, together, have a population of 90,000. There are excellent train and motorway links between Vlissingen and its neighboring cities. By car, Antwerp is only forty-five minutes away, Rotterdam is one and a quarter hours away, Brussels is one and a half hours away and Amsterdam is two hours away

      The cost of living in Vlissingen is relatively cheap compared to living in bigger cities such as Amsterdam, and most students view the living expenses to be similar to that of their home countries. The cost of living for a student living in Vlissingen is between €550 and €700 per month and this includes rent, food, and insurance. Costs can vary greatly, depending on your lifestyle, of course! Be sure to bring enough money with you as the first few weeks are usually the most expensive since you may need to purchase a bike, a mobile phone, and certain items for your apartment. It is not easy to find additional funding once you are living in Vlissingen.