Course Information

    • Please note that access to courses for exchange students is limited, and is restricted to students from universities with whom Capilano University has a specific program exchange agreement. To find out whether your university qualifies, please speak with your home university co-ordinator or study abroad advisor.

      We recommend that exchange students take 9-12 credits (3-4 classes) per term. Full time status at Capilano University is 9 credits. Please note that your home university may require you to enrol in a specific number of units, or courses during your time at Capilano University, which may be higher than our recommendations.

      When viewing the course list below, please note:

      • Course codes are usually four letters which indicate the area of study (e.g. BMKT for Business Marketing or TOUR for Tourism Management) followed by three digits.
      • To determine the level of a course you need to look at the first digit in the course code (e.g. BMKT 3XX) 1XX are first year Bachelor courses, 2XX are second year, 3XX are third year and 4xx are fourth year. If you are currently a second year student, we recommend that you choose courses in the second and third level.
      School Of Subjects Included Course Guide (.pdf)
      Business Marketing, Accounting, Finance, International Business, Human Resource 2017/2018
      Communication Studies Communication 2017/2018
      Liberal Arts Art History, Anthropology, Criminology, English, Geography, History, Philosophy, Political Science, Psychology, Social Sciences 2013/2014
      Tourism and Outdoor Recreation Tourism Management, Outdoor Recreation 2017/2018


      To view the course description and the pre-requisites on a course, please see the program requirements under our List of Programs and Courses