• Dial 911 In Case of Emergency!


    • In B.C., earthquakes are a common occurrence and can happen at any time. Through detailed planning and preparation, you can reduce the risk of injury and fear, as well as help facilitate a smooth clean up and rescue.

      What do I do if I feel the earth shake?

      Before an earthquake:

      • Do not store heavy objects on high shelves; this is a hazard.
      • Secure your bookcases, desk, cabinets, and equipment.
      • Store an emergency kit at home, in your office and in your car.
      • Be familiar with emergency procedures and participate in any drills, such as Shake Out BC.

      The following links will help you when preparing for an earthquake:

      During an earthquake:

      • Drop, Cover and Hold on under your desk, table or against an inside wall until the shaking stops.
      • Turn your back to the window, protect your neck with one hand and hold your desk leg with the other.
      • Do not pull the fire alarm unless there is a fire.
      • Prepare for aftershocks; you may have to take cover again.
      • Count to 60 (wait one minute).
      • Perform a rapid damage survey of the area; what condition is the ceiling in? Is there debris on the floor?
      • Stay put if there is no immediate danger.
      • Evacuate only if damage is visible (gas leak, fire, imminent collapse).


      Email preparedness@capilanou.ca or call 604.986.1911 ext. 7464 (local 7464).