• Dial 911 In Case of Emergency!

    Bear Sighting

    • What do I do if I see a bear?

      The following tips will prepare you for a bear encounter:

      • If you see a bear in the distance, do not approach it under any circumstance. Give it as much space as possible. Do not stop for a photo.
      • Stay calm. If you encounter a bear, back away slowly while facing the bear. Speak to the bear in a low, calm voice.
      • If the bear approaches you, speak loud and firm, look it directly in the eye and wave your arms above your head.
      • Move inside the nearest building.
      • Warn others of the bear’s presence without yelling.
      • Call Campus Security at 604.984.1763 to report the bear’s location.
      • Prevent others from exiting the building.

      To help prevent bears from coming on campus:

      • Do not prop entrance doors open.
      • Use inside garbage cans to dispose of food; bears have an impressive sense of smell, and can detect food from a significant distance.

      In the case of a bear sighting

      Call Campus Security at 604.984.1763 to report the bear's location.