Our Team

    • Carrie Whitworth jpgCarrie Whitworth
      Divisional/Departmental Assistant - Accessibility Services

      Carrie Whitworth received her Bachelor’s Degree in Community Rehabilitation & Disability Studies from the University of Calgary in 2010. Over the past ... [more]

      CKCheryl Kramer
      B.A., M.S.
      Advisor - Accessibility Services

      Cheryl Kramer received her Bachelor of Arts in Psychology from UBC and her Master Of Science in Assistive Technology and Human Services from C ... [more]

      Erin Jones 133x200Erin Jones
      Accessibilty Services Assistant - Accessibility Services

      Erin Jones brings over 10 years of experience working in post-secondary. During her time working at Keyano College in Fort McMurray, Erin worked close ... [more]

      Heather MitchellHeather Mitchell
      M.Ed.(Spec.Ed. & Couns)
      Advisor-Accessibility Services - Accessibility Services

      Heather holds Bachelor's degrees in Physical Health Education, English, and Education from Queen's University. She subsequently earned a Master of Edu ... [more]

      NANathan Anderson
      M. Ed
      Advisor - Accessibility Services

      Nathan Anderson was trained as a school psychologist, receiving a M.Ed in School Psychology from UBC in 2003.  Since then, he worked for 8 years  ... [more]

      Payvand PejvackPayvand Gonzalez
      Assistant - Accessibility Services

      Payvand Gonzalez studied psychology at Simon Fraser University and has experience working in inclusive community programming, specifically working wit ... [more]