Purchase Order Terms & Conditions

    • Conditions of this Purchase Order

      1. AGREEMENT – This Purchase Order is a Contract between the University and the Seller and shall be null and void and of no effect whatsoever unless all the terms and conditions on the reverse hereof and printed hereunder are accepted and acknowledged in writing by the Seller within 10 days after receipt; provided however that if no such acknowledgement is received by the University, the University may at its option, waive this requirement and in that case, without prejudice to the other rights of the University hereunder, shipment of the goods ordered by the University shall constitute acceptance by the Seller of all such terms and conditions. The University does not accept any conditions or reservations, customary or otherwise, subject to which the Seller may purport to sell, ship or deliver the goods, unless such conditions or reservations have been specifically accepted in writing, or verbally by the University and no modification of the terms and conditions of this Order shall have any effect unless made in writing and signed by the University and the Seller. 
      2. PAYMENT – Payments will be made in Canadian funds, unless otherwise stated in this Purchase Order. Payment and cash discounts are to be calculated from the date of acceptance of the items received by the University or receipt of invoices, whichever is later. 
      3. PRICES – Unless otherwise specified, the price inserted on the face of this Purchase Order represents the complete cost to the University as at the point of delivery specified herein and includes every license fee, patent royalty, Government and Municipal tax levy and charge of every description and charges for crating, boxing and cartage. 
      4. TIME – Time shall be of the essence. The goods or services must be delivered strictly in accordance with the quantities and specifications shown and on delivery dates specified, otherwise the University shall be at liberty to cancel this Contract in whole or in part and to purchase other goods or services of the same or similar description from other sources to supply such deficiency. 
      5. INSPECTION – Articles are subject to inspection by the University notwithstanding prior payment. All or any goods received by the University hereunder will be subject to inspection and rejection by the University and if rejected may be held at the Seller’s risk and expense or returned at the Seller’s expense. The University reserves the right to retain any portion or all of any shipment not strictly in accordance with the specifications and in such case, will pay a reasonable price therefore, which retention shall not preclude the University from rejecting the remainder of the shipment or any part hereof and retaining any part thereof which is in accordance with the specifications. 
      6. WARRANTY – In supplement of and not by way of substitution for any term of the specifications or any warranty stipulated by the parties or either of them or any warranty stipulated or implied by law and notwithstanding prior acceptance of the goods, Seller shall of his own expense replace any goods, or any part or parts thereof, which at any time within one year from date of acceptance thereof become defective as a result of faulty or inefficient manufacture, materials or workmanship. 
      7. PATENTS, ETC. – The Seller will indemnify the University against all actions, claims or proceedings for infringement of any patent rights or industrial design rights and for royalties or other payments which may be payable in connection with any such patent rights in carrying out the contract. 
      8. DIES, PLATES, ETC. – All items manufactured to the University’s specifications and without intending to restrict the generality of the foregoing, including dies, tools, jigs, patterns, gauges, colour separations, printing plates paid for by the University, are to be delivered upon request by the University. 
      9. ASSIGNMENT – This Purchase Order shall not be assigned or sublet in whole or in part without prior written approval of the University. 
      10. ELECTRICAL APPROVAL – All electrical equipment supplied must be approved and shall bear the appropriate approval mark or label as listed by the certifying agencies in the Electrical Safety Regulation. 
      11. GOVERNING CONDITIONS – The laws of the Province of British Columbia shall govern this Purchase Order, unless otherwise specified.