Doing Business with Capilano University

    • Suppliers are very important to Capilano University; we recognize the supporting role our suppliers have in support of the University’s strategic goals. On this page you will find our expectations of our suppliers and what you, as a supplier, can expect from us.


      What Capilano University expects from you:

      • to meet your appointment schedule, except for unavoidable occurrences
      • to offer suggestions and advice for improving the University’s use of products and services
      • to have full knowledge of your products or services and to present them in an honest and factual manner
      • when providing services on-site, you will be required to be a member of WCB in good standing, and in some cases, you will be required to carry liability insurance
      • to work directly with the appropriate buyer to resolve issues or order problems, and if necessary, to not hesitate to contact the Purchasing Manager.

      What you can expect from Capilano University:

      • to receive courteous, friendly and respectful treatment as a business equal
      • to be treated in a fair and equitable manner, fostering long-term relationships based on trust and the concept of partnerships
      • to not be kept waiting for appointments and to receive an attentive audience
      • to openly discuss with you any goods or services of actual or potential use to us
      • to not waste your time - if your products or services do not meet our needs, we will notify you as soon as possible.