• Spring 2018 Semester

    The Psychology department offers a wide variety of courses for the Fall, Spring and Summer semesters.

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    Introductory Psych Textbook

    The Psych 100/101 Custom Textbook will be available in the bookstore for the Fall Semester: An introduction to psychological science (Cdn. ed.) by Krause, Corts, Smith, &   Dolderman (2015).

    PSYC 225: Biopsychology of Behaviour

    What is the biological basis of behaviour?

    Psyc 341: Fall 2017

    Fall 2017 - Take Psyc 341: Psychology of Religion and Spirituality from scholar and researcher, Dr. Leonard George


  • Psychology can help you know yourself, improve your relationships, and be successful in your studies and work. Changing the world starts with changing yourself!

    Psychology is the scientific study of people - our thoughts, our feelings, our behaviour, our personalities, motivations, and relationships. Among other things, Psychology studies how we learn, how we develop throughout our lives, how our social roles and culture affect us, and the impact of personal challenges such as stress or mental health issues. 

    Study Psychology to gain essential knowledge and skills that you can apply to your life and your career, to understand individual differences between people, to manage your stress and emotions, and improve your relationship, parenting, problem-solving and decision-making skills. Learn what research in psychology has discovered and improve your scientific literacy and critical thinking skills.

    With a diverse range of interests and academic specializations in Psychology, our faculty can prepare students for careers in education, child-care, health-care, business, community and elder care, police work, service industries, and many more. Our faculty are passionate about the field of psychology and dedicated to excellence in teaching.

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