Wilderness Leadership (WLP) Courses

      WLP 124 Winter Skills
      WLP 125 Ski Touring
      WLP 126 Backpacking
      WLP 127 Mountaineering
      WLP 128 Rock Climbing I
      WLP 129 Rock Climbing II
      WLP 130 Rock Rescue Clinic
      WLP 131 Nordic Skiing I
      WLP 132 Nordic Skiing II
      WLP 133 Canoeing I
      WLP 134 Canoeing II
      WLP 135 Rafting I
      WLP 136 Rafting II
      WLP 137 Sea Kayaking I
      WLP 138 Sea Kayaking II
      WLP 139 River Kayaking Clinic
      WLP 140 River Rescue Clinic
      WLP 145 Mountain Biking
      WLP 147 River Kayak I
      WLP 148 Snow Boarding
      WLP 151 Interpreting the Wilderness Environment
      WLP 152 Wilderness Leadership Work Practicum
      WLP 153 Guiding Leadership
      WLP 183 Selected Clinics in Outdoor Recreation
      WLP 184 Selected Courses in Outdoor Recreation

      For the official publication of programs, course descriptions and admission requirements please view the Capilano University Calendar.