Technical Theatre (TECT) Courses

      TECT 130 Theatre Crew Responsibilities
      TECT 132 Stagecraft and Grip Production
      TECT 134 Theatrical Production and Design
      TECT 136 Scenic Construction
      TECT 138 Stagecraft and Scenic Construction Production
      TECT 140 Stagecraft and Theatrical Production Design
      TECT 210 Senior Production and Theatrical Design I
      TECT 211 Senior Production and Theatrical Design II
      TECT 212 Theatrical Lighting and Design
      TECT 214 Scenic Art
      TECT 216 Stagecraft and Scenic Art Responsibilities
      TECT 218 Stagecraft and Lighting Design
      TECT 220 Live and Studio Sound Design
      TECT 222 Properties Design
      TECT 224 Stagecraft and Senior Production Responsibilities
      TECT 226 Stagecraft and Properties
      TECT 374 Theatre Institute I - Production
      TECT 375 Theatre Institute II - Production

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