Sociology (SOC) Courses

      SOC 100 Social Structures
      SOC 101 Concepts and Theories of Society
      SOC 200 Identity, Culture, and Power
      SOC 201 Social Problems in BC
      SOC 210 Sociology of Popular Culture
      SOC 211 Global Issues
      SOC 222 Sociology of the Arts
      SOC 223 Media and Society
      SOC 300 The Sociology of Consumer Culture
      SOC 301 Social Inequality
      SOC 302 Sociology of Climate Change
      SOC 320 Technology, Work, and Society
      SOC 330 Sociology of the City: Issues and Processes of Exclusion
      SOC 351 Modernism, Postmodernism, and Society
      SOC 352 Marxism and Social Theory

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