Outdoor Recreation (REC) Courses

      REC 107 Interpreting the Outdoor Environment
      REC 110 Fundamentals of Recreation in the Outdoor Environment
      REC 111 Introduction to Commercial Outdoor Recreation
      REC 115 Connecting Outdoor Recreation to the Natural World
      REC 149 Computer Applications for Outdoor Recreation and Tourism
      REC 151 The Outdoor Recreation Environment
      REC 152 Environmental Stewardship I
      REC 156 Natural History for Outdoor Leaders
      REC 157 Wilderness Skills
      REC 163 Wilderness First Aid I
      REC 169 Interpreting Natural and Cultural Landscapes
      REC 175 Guiding and Teaching for Mountain Biking
      REC 222 Leadership and Experiential Education
      REC 225 Entrepreneurship in Commercial Outdoor Recreation
      REC 245 Organizational Leadership for Outdoor Recreation Programs
      REC 252 Project Change: How to Think and Act Like a Changemaker
      REC 255 Outdoor Recreation Practicum
      REC 263 Wilderness First Aid

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