Rehabilitation Assistant (RADP) Courses

      RADP 100 Rehabilitation and Professional Skills in Health Care
      RADP 101 Effective Therapeutic Communication in Rehabilitation
      RADP 111 Rehabilitation Principles and Practices: OT/OTA
      RADP 112 Rehabilitation Principles and Practices: PT/PTA
      RADP 113 Rehabilitation Principles and Practices: SLP/SLPA
      RADP 114 Rehabilitation Principles and Practices: RA
      RADP 120 Growth and Development for Rehabilitation Assistants
      RADP 121 Functional Anatomy, Theory and Skills: OTA/PTA
      RADP 122 Physiology and Cardio-Respiratory Theory and Skills: PTA
      RADP 130 Disease, Injury and Intervention: Musculoskeletal Systems
      RADP 131 Musculoskeletal Theory and Skills: OTA
      RADP 132 Musculoskeletal Theory and Skills: PTA
      RADP 140 Disease, Injury and Intervention: Psychosocial/Cognitive Systems
      RADP 141 Psychosocial/Cognitive Theory and Skills: OTA/PTA
      RADP 190 Practicum: Fieldwork I
      RADP 201 Advanced Communications in Rehabilitation
      RADP 210 Administrative Support Systems for Rehabilitation Assistants
      RADP 211 Recreation Techniques for Rehabilitation Assistants
      RADP 230 Disease, Injury and Intervention: Neurological System
      RADP 231 Neurology Theory and Skills: OTA
      RADP 232 Neurology Theory and Skills: PTA
      RADP 233 Neurology Theory and Skills: SLPA
      RADP 240 Gerontology Theory and Skills: OTA/PTA
      RADP 243 Audiology Theory and Skills: SLPA
      RADP 250 Community Integration Theory and Skills: OTA/PTA
      RADP 290 Practicum: Fieldwork II
      RADP 291 Practicum: Fieldwork III

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