Psychology (PSYC) Courses

      PSYC 100 Introduction to Psychology I
      PSYC 101 Introduction to Psychology II
      PSYC 200 Social Psychology
      PSYC 201 Group Dynamics
      PSYC 203 History of Psychology
      PSYC 204 Child Development
      PSYC 205 Adult Development and Aging
      PSYC 206 Adolescent Psychology
      PSYC 212 Research Methods in Psychology
      PSYC 213 Statistical Methods in Psychology
      PSYC 215 The Psychology of Human Sexuality
      PSYC 220 Theories of Personality
      PSYC 222 Abnormal Psychology
      PSYC 225 Biopsychology of Behaviour
      PSYC 230 Cognitive Psychology
      PSYC 300 Psychology of Interpersonal Relationships
      PSYC 320 Applied Psychology
      PSYC 325 Health Psychology
      PSYC 330 Thinking and Reasoning
      PSYC 332 Reconstructing the Past: The Psychology of Memory
      PSYC 335 Feelings and Emotions
      PSYC 340 Conservation Psychology
      PSYC 341 Psychology of Religion and Spirituality
      PSYC 342 History of Psychology: Conceptions of Imagination
      PSYC 343 Psychology of Anomalous Experiences
      PSYC 415 Psychology and the Internet
      PSYC 422 Approaches to Treatment and Psychotherapy
      PSYC 440 Contemporary Topics in Psychology
      PSYC 450 Psychology of Genocide
      PSYC 490 Directed Studies

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