Philosophy (PHIL) Courses

      PHIL 101 Introductory Philosophy: Ethics
      PHIL 102 Introductory Philosophy: Knowledge and Reality
      PHIL 110 Critical Thinking
      PHIL 117 Philosophy of Religion
      PHIL 120 Scientific Reasoning
      PHIL 140 Philosophy and Law: Introduction to Canadian Law
      PHIL 141 Philosophy and Law: Introduction to Criminal Justice System
      PHIL 150 History of Philosophy: Ancient and Medieval
      PHIL 151 History of Philosophy: Modern
      PHIL 200 Political Philosophy: Classic Theories
      PHIL 201 Political Philosophy: Problems and Issues
      PHIL 202 Introduction to Formal Logic
      PHIL 207 Business Ethics
      PHIL 208 Environmental Ethics
      PHIL 209 Biomedical Ethics
      PHIL 211 Metaphysics and Epistemology
      PHIL 220 Philosophy in Literature
      PHIL 221 Existentialism in Literature
      PHIL 222 Philosophy of Culture (Aesthetics)
      PHIL 230 Minds, Brains, and Machines
      PHIL 240 Philosophy and Gender Relations
      PHIL 242 Philosophy of Human Nature
      PHIL 301 Ethics and the Meaning of Life
      PHIL 302 Knowledge and Truth
      PHIL 305 Philosophy Through Film
      PHIL 306 Family Ethics
      PHIL 309 Neuroethics
      PHIL 315 Ethics of War and Peace
      PHIL 320 Philosophy of Science
      PHIL 401 Morality and Global Justice
      PHIL 430 Philosophy of Mind
      PHIL 490 Directed Studies

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