Local Government Admin (PADM) Courses

      PADM 200 Local Government Administration in BC
      PADM 201 Local Government Services in BC
      PADM 202 Municipal Finance in BC
      PADM 203 Municipal Law in BC
      PADM 204 Leadership in Local Government Organizations
      PADM 205 Advanced Communication Skills - Local Government Professionals
      PADM 207 Managing People in Local Government Organizations
      PADM 208 Community Planning for Non-Planners: Planning Skills for Local Government Professionals
      PADM 209 Fundamentals of Local Government Corporate Administration
      PADM 305 Problem Solving and Decision Making Skills: Policy Analysis for Local Government Professionals
      PADM 306 Project Management Skills for Local Government Professionals
      PADM 307 Ethics and the Responsible Local Government Professional
      PADM 308 The Successful CAO - Local Govt Advanced Management
      PADM 309 Municipal Administration and Community Involvement in BC

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