Music Therapy (MT) Courses

      MT 320 Improvisation I
      MT 330 Clinical Skills
      MT 350 The Influence of Music
      MT 360 Music Therapy I
      MT 361 Music Therapy II
      MT 364 Health Conditions of Adulthood
      MT 370 Health Conditions of Childhood
      MT 380 Counselling and Interpersonal Skills
      MT 391 Practicum I
      MT 420 Improvisation II - Guitar
      MT 450 Music and the Creative Arts I
      MT 451 Music and the Creative Arts II
      MT 460 Music Therapy III
      MT 461 Music Therapy IV
      MT 462 Principles of Research
      MT 480 Improvisation III
      MT 490 Practicum II
      MT 491 Practicum III
      MT 511 Pre-Professional Practicum

      For the official publication of programs, course descriptions and admission requirements please view the Capilano University Calendar.