Mathematics and Statistics (MATH) Courses

      MATH 097 Intermediate Algebra
      MATH 101 Introduction to Statistics
      MATH 102 Statistical Methods
      MATH 105 Precalculus Mathematics - Modelling Our World
      MATH 108 Calculus I for Business, Social Sciences and Life Sciences
      MATH 109 Calculus II for Business, Social Sciences and Life Sciences
      MATH 116 Calculus I - The Mathematics of Change
      MATH 123 Contemporary Mathematics
      MATH 124 Discrete Mathematics I
      MATH 126 Calculus II
      MATH 152 Linear Algebra and Differential Equations
      MATH 190 Mathematics for Elementary Teachers
      MATH 200 Linear Algebra
      MATH 204 Probability and Statistics for Applications
      MATH 205 Introduction to Probability and Statistics
      MATH 215 Introduction to Analysis
      MATH 224 Discrete Mathematics II
      MATH 230 Calculus III
      MATH 231 Calculus IV
      MATH 235 Introduction to Differential Equations
      MATH 300 Mathematics and Creative Arts
      MATH 335 Discovering Mathematics

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