Liberal Studies (LBST) Courses

      LBST 100 Approaching Knowledge
      LBST 200 Refocusing Knowledge: Introduction to Research Methods
      LBST 201 Refiguring Knowledge: Introduction to Research Methods
      LBST 202 Collecting Knowledge
      LBST 330 Methods of Inquiry
      LBST 335 Grand Challenges - An Interdisciplinary Approach
      LBST 390 Tutorial I
      LBST 391 Tutorial II
      LBST 392 Tutorial III
      LBST 400 Case Studies in Arts & Sciences
      LBST 401 Case Studies in Contemporary Issues
      LBST 490 Graduating Project
      LBST 495 Extended Graduating Project - Part 1
      LBST 496 Extended Graduating Project - Part 2

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