Jazz Studies (JAZZ) Courses

      JAZZ 101 Beginning Theory for Jazz Studies I
      JAZZ 102 Beginning Theory for Jazz Studies II
      JAZZ 116 Keyboard Skills I
      JAZZ 117 Keyboard Skills II
      JAZZ 130 Theory of Tonal Music and Jazz I
      JAZZ 131 Theory of Tonal Music and Jazz II
      JAZZ 172 Arranging I
      JAZZ 174 Jazz History I
      JAZZ 175 Jazz History II
      JAZZ 184 Ear Training/Sight Singing I
      JAZZ 185 Ear Training/Sight Singing II
      JAZZ 196 Jazz Performance and Improvisation I
      JAZZ 197 Jazz Performance and Improvisation II
      JAZZ 230 Theory of Tonal Music and Jazz III
      JAZZ 231 Theory of Tonal Music and Jazz IV
      JAZZ 236 Vocal Improvisation I
      JAZZ 237 Vocal Improvisation II
      JAZZ 240 Form and Analysis
      JAZZ 241 Counterpoint
      JAZZ 250 Introduction to Live Music Production
      JAZZ 271 Music History I
      JAZZ 272 Arranging II
      JAZZ 273 Music History II
      JAZZ 274 Studies in Music History I
      JAZZ 275 Studies in Music History II
      JAZZ 282 Jazz Improvisation III
      JAZZ 283 Jazz Improvisation IV
      JAZZ 284 Ear Training/Sight Singing III
      JAZZ 285 Ear Training/Sight Singing IV
      JAZZ 296 Jazz Performance III
      JAZZ 297 Jazz Performance IV
      JAZZ 300 20th Century Theory
      JAZZ 303 Jazz Arranging I
      JAZZ 304 Jazz Arranging II
      JAZZ 310 Jazz Pedagogy
      JAZZ 320 Conducting and Pedagogy I
      JAZZ 321 Conducting and Pedagogy II
      JAZZ 322 Class Woodwinds I
      JAZZ 323 Class Woodwinds II
      JAZZ 324 Class Brass
      JAZZ 325 Class Percussion
      JAZZ 330 Music Theory V: Studies in Musical Form
      JAZZ 331 Music Theory VI: Studies in Counterpoint
      JAZZ 336 Vocal Improvisation III
      JAZZ 337 Vocal Improvisation IV
      JAZZ 338 Vocal Jazz Master Class III
      JAZZ 339 Vocal Jazz Master Class IV
      JAZZ 370 Jazz Styles
      JAZZ 372 Arranging III
      JAZZ 374 Studies in Music History III: Modernism
      JAZZ 375 Studies in Ethnomusicology
      JAZZ 382 Jazz Improvisation V
      JAZZ 383 Jazz Improvisation VI
      JAZZ 394 Small Ensemble V
      JAZZ 395 Small Ensemble VI
      JAZZ 396 Jazz Performance V
      JAZZ 397 Jazz Performance VI
      JAZZ 400 Interdisciplinary Seminar: Special Topics in Musicology
      JAZZ 401 Interdisciplinary Seminar: Special Topics
      JAZZ 403 Jazz Arranging III: Large Ensemble
      JAZZ 404 Jazz Arranging IV: Vocal Ensemble
      JAZZ 410 Conducting I
      JAZZ 411 Conducting II
      JAZZ 420 Conducting and Pedagogy III
      JAZZ 422 Instrumental Pedagogy (Secondary)
      JAZZ 423 Choral Pedagogy (Secondary)
      JAZZ 460 Commercial Relations in Music
      JAZZ 470 World Music
      JAZZ 472 Jazz Arranging IV
      JAZZ 494 Small Ensemble VII
      JAZZ 495 Small Ensemble VIII
      JAZZ 496 Jazz Performance VII
      JAZZ 497 Jazz Performance VIII

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