Indigenous Digital Filmmaking (IDF) Courses

      IDF 103 Production Design I
      IDF 109 Production Planning
      IDF 110 Production Project #1
      IDF 119 Professional Development I
      IDF 120 Indigenous Cinema Studies
      IDF 126 Introduction to Screenwriting
      IDF 127 Introductory Documentary
      IDF 128 Production Management
      IDF 136 Production/Post Production
      IDF 137 Narrative Production
      IDF 139 Technical Foundations
      IDF 142 Technical Directing
      IDF 207 Technical Motion Picture Arts
      IDF 208 Line Producing and Production Management
      IDF 209 Advanced Digital Editing
      IDF 213 Production Design II
      IDF 217 Sound Design for Film and Video
      IDF 233 Screenwriting
      IDF 235 Indigenous World Cinema
      IDF 239 Advanced Technical Foundations
      IDF 240 Advanced Technical Directing
      IDF 243 Production Development
      IDF 250 Advanced Production Project

      For the official publication of programs, course descriptions and admission requirements please view the Capilano University Calendar.