Visual Communication (IDES) Courses

      IDES 131 Survey and Principles of Illustration I
      IDES 132 Survey and Principles of Illustration II
      IDES 133 Visual Studio
      IDES 141 Survey and Principles of Design I
      IDES 142 Survey and Principles of Design II
      IDES 151 Digital Media I
      IDES 211 Technology Intensive I
      IDES 212 Technology Intensive II
      IDES 235 Illustration Studio I
      IDES 236 Illustration Studio II
      IDES 237 Digital Illustration
      IDES 243 Design Studio I
      IDES 244 Design Studio II
      IDES 247 Survey and Principles of Typography
      IDES 249 Brand Identity
      IDES 252 Digital Media II
      IDES 313 Technology Intensive III
      IDES 340 Visual Communication Workshops I
      IDES 341 Visual Communication Workshops II
      IDES 360 Visual Communication Studio I
      IDES 361 Visual Communication Studio I: Illustration Concentration
      IDES 362 Visual Communication Studio I: Branding Concentration
      IDES 363 Visual Communication Studio I: Interactive Concentration
      IDES 380 Visual Communication Studio II
      IDES 381 Visual Communication Studio II: Illustration Concentration
      IDES 382 Visual Communication Studio II: Branding Concentration
      IDES 383 Visual Communication Studio II: Interactive Concentration
      IDES 414 Technology Intensive IV
      IDES 490 Industry Practicum

      For the official publication of programs, course descriptions and admission requirements please view the Capilano University Calendar.