International Business (IBUS) Courses

      IBUS 231 Introduction to International Commerce
      IBUS 234 Introduction to Cross Culture Communication
      IBUS 243 Global Marketing and Advertising
      IBUS 255 Cross-Cultural Business
      IBUS 256 Introduction to Supply Chain Management and Sustainability
      IBUS 321 International Business
      IBUS 340 International Trade and Law
      IBUS 341 Global Logistics & Supply Chain Management
      IBUS 356 Global Distribution and Logistics
      IBUS 357 International Marketing
      IBUS 358 Principles of Quality Management
      IBUS 368 International Entrepreneurship
      IBUS 405 Applied Projects in Supply Chain and Logistics
      IBUS 434 Advanced Topics in Cross-Cultural Business
      IBUS 440 Advanced Topics in International Business

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