History (HIST) Courses

      HIST 100 History of the Ancient World
      HIST 101 Europe in the Middle Ages and Renaissance
      HIST 102 Europe from the Reformation to the French Revolution
      HIST 108 Issues and Themes in U.S. History: 1607-1877
      HIST 109 Issues and Themes in U.S. History: 1865-Present
      HIST 110 Canada Before Confederation
      HIST 111 Canada Since Confederation
      HIST 112 Canadian Military History
      HIST 130 Twentieth Century World History
      HIST 205 British Columbia History
      HIST 208 Canadian-American Relations
      HIST 209 History of Aboriginal Peoples in Canada
      HIST 222 History of the First World War
      HIST 225 History of the Second World War
      HIST 230 World History Since 1500
      HIST 235 World Civilizations from 1945 to Present
      HIST 248 Revolutionary Ideas in Nineteenth Century Europe
      HIST 249 Twentieth Century Europe
      HIST 250 Thinkers and Thugs: Ancient Greeks and Romans
      HIST 305 U.S. History: 1945-2001
      HIST 320 Revolutions in History: Special Topics
      HIST 325 Mysteries and Conspiracies: Special Topics
      HIST 326 Disasters and Catastrophes: Special Topics
      HIST 333 History of Slavery and Antislavery
      HIST 340 History of Genocide
      HIST 380 War and Society: Selected Topics
      HIST 390 Murder and Mayhem: Selected Topics
      HIST 440 History of Nazi-Germany
      HIST 490 Directed Studies

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